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With most of the world turning its attention away from oil as an energy source, Nigeria has been forced to pay more attention to its other industries, chief among is agriculture. We are in tune with this attitudinal shift, and are abreast of every policy and development in this industry. Our services here range from advising and incorporating early stage agric-tech companies to drafting and filing patent applications for novel seeds or fertilizers or software programs.

In Nigeria, the beauty and wellness industry is still a developing, but fast-growing industry. The business of looking good is no longer the exclusive preserve of women, as men now spend a sizable fortune on beauty and grooming products. At IA, we are with your business right from manufacturing to the distribution stage to the final consumers. We are well equipped to provide your business with every conceivable legal service you may need in this industry, from incorporation of your business to the trademark or patenting of your product.

Over the past decade, the fashion and retail industry has blossomed in Nigeria, with our designers now being patronized worldwide, and our fashion shows gaining global recognition and acceptance. With these developments, it becomes imperative that our designers and their creations are legally protected. At IA, we are not only specialists in IP and brand protection, but also understand the nuances and intricacies of the industry itself to better represent our clients. Our services here range from design and trademark protection to advising on local, regional, or multi-jurisdictional licensing opportunities. We are the ideal partners in the ever-changing fashion industry.

The FMCGs industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. And our firm is right in the middle of this growth, both locally and regionally. Our understanding of this industry enables us to offer advice to businesses ranging from distribution and partnership opportunities to local and regional regulatory issues.

Despite the disruption that fintechs have brought to the finance industry, traditional financial institutions are still very much relevant, and will be for years to come. Because we recognize the importance of these institutions to the economy, we have a specialized team that caters to the legal requirements of these institutions. Some of our services here include conducting searches on businesses and corporation, protection of proprietary material, etc.

Fintechs have disrupted the finance industry the world over: from PiggyVest and Cowyrise in Nigeria to M-Pesa in Kenya, the disruption has been far-reaching and is still ongoing. We are experienced and competent in the workings of the fintech industry and understand the needs of these disruptors. Our services to the players in this industry include business and legal advisory on early stage seed funding investment, IP protection, company restructuring, etc. As a firm built and reliant on technology, we are the ideal partners for advising and protecting these companies.

The healthcare industry is one of the most vital to any economy. And its importance has been brought to the fore by the COVID-19 pandemic. At IA, we understand the importance of this industry, and are especially interested in the disruption taking place in the industry. Our services here include patent and trademark filing and protection, advisory on regulatory and legal issues covering local and regional jurisdictions, etc.

Insurance and re-insurance in Nigeria is still a burgeoning industry, as the ratio of insured persons to the country’s population is still low. However, we are at the forefront of policy, regulatory, and statutory development in this industry, and are well positioned to assist both traditional and emerging players in the industry achieve their goals. Our services here include obtaining licences from regulatory authorities, restructuring of companies, mergers, etc.

The Nigerian media and entertainment industry continues to grow exponentially, and presently has been attracting foreign interest and investment. Our songs, books, plays, skits, are now all being consumed and exploited worldwide. This development makes it more imperative for the creators of this content to be legally protected now more than ever. We have highly skilled and experienced attorneys in the entertainment industry, who are not only passionate about protecting the works of creators, but also passionate about the works themselves.

Small-and-medium-sized businesses have become a crucial part of the Nigerian and world economy. This importance has led us to create a practice dedicated to them. Our services to the businesses in this industry are bespoke and designed to meet the essence of the SME’s business.

Our sports industry is still a developing one, but one with enormous potential. Our attorneys practicing in this industry are not only competent in meeting the legal needs of the people and businesses in this industry, but are also avid sports enthusiasts passionate about the growth and development of the industry. We offer services here ranging from drafting of sports-related agreements to filing, protection, and licensing of IP.

Technology is at the heart of everything in the world today; our firm itself is a firm built and reliant on technology. Thus, we make it our business to stay informed and updated about every development in this industry. We have some of the brightest attorneys who understand the nuances of this industry, and are able to provide solutions that meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

Disruption in industries is happening every day, and the transportation industry is no exception. In the midst of this disruption, legal services remain constant, but must adapt accordingly to the disruption as it occurs. We pride ourselves as being adaptable and in tune with technological developments, irrespective of the industry. Our competence in technological matters enables us to anticipate and understand the disruptions in this industry, and to adapt our services to meet them accordingly.

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