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Our Corporate and SMEs practice is a testament to our recognition of the importance of SMEs to the Nigerian economy, and the world generally. Our combination of these 2 business types is all the more necessary as more and more SMEs are fast metamorphosing into corporations, and thus requiring corporate legal services themselves. Our attorneys in this group understand the need of both types of businesses, and are primed to deliver optimally.

Our Criminal Law practice consists of experienced group of attorneys who have handled several matters in lower and appellate courts across the country. Our experience here ranges from murder cases to white-collar crimes. Our attorneys in this group are well-seasoned litigators who understand the workings and intricacies of the local courts, and readily apply such knowledge and experience in winning a case.

At IA, our first resort is never the courts. We have a culture of exploring alternative dispute resolution mechanisms before finally approaching the courts. Our Dispute Resolution practice comprises attorneys who are trained and qualified in alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mechanisms, and have successfully resolved disputes applying such ADR mechanisms. Despite this, we will not hesitate to litigate on your behalf if the situation demands it, and we have equally competent and experienced attorneys in litigation ready to fight for your interests in the courtroom.

At IA, we believe that every person, regardless of income bracket, must plan their affairs in order to secure their children’s future. Our attorneys in this group are not only competent in organizing your estate, but are also very sensitive and discreet about the information they come across in their work. As a matter of fact, members of the group are required to sign NDAs to ensure that your information remains confidential even after they stop working at our firm.

Our Family Law practice handles a variety of cases from child custody and support claims to paternity tests to divorce proceedings. Our attorneys are well experienced in this area, and have that extra quality of tact which is needed in handling domestic-related matters.

Despite the technological disruptions in the finance industry today, traditional financial institutions remain relevant. Thus, we maintain a Finance practice that specifically caters to these institutions, and responds to their needs. Our attorneys in this group are also able to proffer advice to our clients in this industry in line with emerging technologies and innovations.

Our robust FinTech practice is as a result of the value we place on technology and innovation as a firm. Our attorneys in this group have advised numerous local and regional startups from their early to maturity to the exit stage. What sets our FinTech practice apart from the rest is our contacts within the startup ecosystem both locally and regionally, and our readiness to utilize them when the need calls for it.

We have one of the most robust intellectual property and technology practices in the country and on the continent. Our attorneys here are vastly experienced in the different facets of IP, and have advised clients on a diverse number of issues ranging from international patent applications to licensing of franchises in multiple jurisdictions. We understand your intellectual property and how best to protect and exploit it.

Our Investment Management practice is a niche practice, which solely deals with clients who have sizable or substantial investment portfolios. Our work here involves advising our clients on how to procure investments they desire, the legal and regulatory framework concerning those investments, and generally ensuring that our clients’ investment portfolios are legal-compliant and well managed by their investment managers.

We make bold to say that our Media & Entertainment practice is one of the best on the continent. Our attorneys in this group are experienced in the diverse sectors of the entertainment industry, and have advised on several transactions involving both established and burgeoning acts in the industry.

Our Mergers & Acquisitions practice is a highly specialized practice that handles M & A deals both locally and regionally. Our expertise in this niche and complex area of law makes us one of the go-to-law firms on the continent for such transactions.

Our Real Estate practice encompasses property development, financing, joint ventures, etc. and spans the African continent. Our extensive network of contacts across the continent enables us to work efficiently and execute briefs seamlessly.

Our Tax practice is also among our niche practices. Our attorneys in this group deal strictly with tax-related matters of our clients, and render both tax advisory and computation services.

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